Measuring Air-Operated Pump Performance

Air-operated diaphragm pumps are used in many different applications to move fluids. Each type of pump is unique, with its own design, purposes and performance standards. It is essential that pump owners are aware of the correct way to measure air-operated pump performance.

There are three numbers that you must know about your air-operated pump to be able to accurately calculate the performance of the pump: the required discharge pressure, the air pressure available at the air inlet of the pump and the required flow rate. When these numbers are plotted on a graph, they create a visual performance curve. Using this performance curve, pump owners can evaluate whether or not their air-operated diaphragm pump is working to the best of its ability and performing effectively and efficiently.

A diaphragm pump that functions correctly and performs to the best of its ability is the goal for every company or industry. Highly performing pumps are simply designed, are efficient and have a low flow rate. All of these features of a pump help to increase the overall performance and affect the pump’s performance curve.

Pumps that are designed with fewer parts are generally more productive and efficient. Fewer parts mean less time is necessary to repair the pump, which helps get it back on the job and functioning productively when problems do arise. When considering how an air-operated diaphragm pump will perform, design can be key. The overall efficiency of a diaphragm pump also changes how a pump performs. Choosing a pump that works well in your industry’s environment and that fits your budget can help to make it work efficiently for your business. Choosing the correct flow rate also helps to improve your pump’s overall performance. The flow rate of the pump determines how efficiently your job can be done.

For more information about how to obtain the numbers necessary to calculate the performance curve of your air-operated diaphragm pump and how to read the performance curve, visit our website. To learn more about All-Flo’s air-operated diaphragm pumps, call us at 440-354-1700 or contact All-Flo online.






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