Diaphragm Pump Accessories

Air, Liquid and Pump Accessories

All-Flo accessories are built for performance and available for our full line of quality pumps. 


Air Accessories

Air Flow Control Valves

Adjust the speed and flow rate of the pump with an adjustable air pressure

Filter / Regulators / Gauges

Adjust and set air pressure to a set value with a combination filter regulator
and pressure gauge unit.

Needle Valves

Achieve finer flow control with an adjustable needle valve.

Solenoid Valves

Remotely start and stop with an in-line solenoid valve for the pump’s air line.



Liquid Accessories

All-Safe(TM) Leak Management System

The All-Flo LMS - (Leak Management System) allows for safe fluid handling by detecting any diaphragm failure in your diaphragm pump.

Filter Housing

Eliminate solids and particulates with an in-line filter/housing unit.

Pulsation Dampeners

Stabilize discharge line pressure and ensure a steady flow with pulsation dampener units.

Suction Strainers

Liquid strainers for the suction side of air operated diaphragm pumps.



Pump Accessories


Mounting bases for air operated diaphragm pumps.

Companion Flange Kits

Adapt a pump from flange type connection to BS P or NPT with these flange adaptor kits.

Dispensing Units

Dispense liquids with this combination drum pump, discharge hose and nozzle.

Drum Pump Kits

Drum Pumps Kits

Grounding Accessories

Bond and electrically ground an air operated diaphragm pump with these grounding accessories.


Carrying handles for larger pumps


Reduce noise from pump operation with air discharge mufflers.

Pump Repair Kit

Complete Pump Repair Kit

Vibration Isolation

Reduces physical vibration from air operated diaphragm pump operation.







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