RMA Claim Request Form – New Warranty Repair Program

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All-Flo's warranty repair program. As a reminder, all of All-Flo’s products are 100% tested and are back by a 5 year warranty. Our new warranty and repair program streamlines the evaluation as repair process. Upon receipt of a pump in our facility we will repair and/or replace the pump within 2-3 business days. In order to ensure quick turn around the following procedure should be followed.

  • RMA Procedure
    • Request Returned Material Authorization (RMA) via the RMA request form
    • Upon approval, you will receive an RMA number and shipping instructions from All-Flo.
    • Upon receipt of the pump at our facility we will perform a complete warranty evaluation and return a fully functional pump within 2-3 business days. Repair will either be free if All-Flo determines the pump to be covered under warranty, or All-Flo will perform a finite amount of repairs for a fee per.
  • Warranty Repair (Free of Charge)

    Should All-Flo determine that the pump is covered under our warranty, we will return a fully functional pump at no charge

  • Non-Warranty Fee Based Repair (Charges Apply)

    Should All-Flo Determine that the pump is not covered under our warranty we will automatically perform one or more of the following repairs for a fee (per the RMA request form):

    • Wet End Repair. Standard Price of Wet End Kit Applies (per RMA request form)
    • Air End Repair. Standard Price of Air End Kit Applies (per RMA request form)
    • Diaphragm Rod Assembly. Standard Price of Diaphragm Rod Assembly Applies (per RMA request form)

    Should the pump require more than an air end, wet end and diaphragm rod assembly in order to repair, the entire pump will be replaced. Standard Price of New Pump Applies.

Non-Warranty Scrap (Charge Applied)

As an alternative to any fee-based non-warranty repair, All-Flo can scrap the pump for a $65 fee. Please select this option via the RMA request form.

Please contact All-Flo Pump Co. directly with any questions that you may have regarding the process.  All-Flo can be reached at sales@all-flo.com or 440.201.9215







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