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Hygienic & Sanitary Pumps

All-Flo is pleased to announce the launch of a new hygienic/sanitary pump line.Learn More >



All-Pur FDA Compliant Pumps

All-Flo Pump Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new product line, our All-Pur FDA line pumps.Learn More >



Leading Manufacturer Launches New 1” (A100) and 1-1/2” (A150) Metal Product Line

Mentor, Ohio (February, 2015) – All-Flo Pump Company has launched a line of air operated diaphragm pumps
that has raised the bar on efficiency standards across the industry. Now available is our 1” (A100) and 1-1/2”
(A150) stainless steel and aluminum pump models. Learn More >



Leading Manufacturer Introduces Customizable High Purity PTFE Pump

All-Flo Pump Company is launching a new High Purity PTFE air diaphragm pump. This new pump operates at a maximum temperature of 248F (120 C) and is available in 6 sizes from ¼” through 2”. Learn More >








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ISO 9001 Certification

MUM Industries is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Learn more >

All-PũR® Pumps

All-Flo line of FDA-compliant All-PũR® pumps. Learn more >

Specialty Performance 3/8˝ Pump

the revolution in low flow pump technology. Learn more >