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Machines were designed to enhance human production and increase quality and output without much interference. But in order to keep your line running and your output and quality at high levels, your production equipment needs to be well-lubricated. All-Flo’s air-driven diaphragm pumps are the solution, designed to effectively carry and distribute lubricant oils to machinery as part of an automatic lubrication system.

While manual lubrication can be effective, it often results in missed application, inaccuracy and a range of mistakes, such as lubrication contamination or inadequately applied levels of lubricant. By contrast, an automatic lubrication system ensures correct lubricant levels are applied at the correct times.

All-Flo air-driven diaphragm pumps for automatic lubrication systems stand out by offering:

  • Lower Costs: All-Flo air-driven diaphragm pumps are less expensive to operate and maintain compared to other similar performance pumps, cutting down on the costs of pump ownership.
  • Easy Maintenance: With no moving parts, All-Flo air-driven diaphragm pumps require less maintenance, which means lower labor costs.
  • Fluid and Viscosity Options: All-Flo air-driven diaphragm pumps are designed to handle both a variety of fluids and viscosities without damage.
  • Non-Electric: Because our diaphragm pumps are air-driven, no electric power is necessary. This also translates to simpler installation and longer operation because All-Flo air-driven diaphragm pumps do not have electrical components that can overheat. 

The straightforward design, ease of maintenance and versatility of All-Flo pumps make them the right choice for automatic lubrication system machinery. To learn more about how All-Flo can meet your machinery pump solutions, contact us today.








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