Dispensing, Filling, and Metering Applications

There are a large number of industries that utilize air operated diaphragm pumps (AODD) to dispense, fill and meter liquids. These applications can be found in industries such as paint and varnish, chemical, water treatment, oil and more. Examples of this type of application include dispensing inks into 5-gallon pails, filling 1-gallon containers and metering chemicals for water treatment. AODD pumps are ideal for transferring materials such as inks, glue, paint, pigments, solvents, chemicals, cleaners and abrasive and corrosive fluids.

When dispensing inks into various sized pails, precision is essential. AODD pumps allow pump owners to regulate the amount of ink dispensed into each container. The advantage of using AODD pumps for this application is that they are cost-effective. The initial cost is easily made up for by the easy clean-up and low maintenance costs. Diaphragm pumps also eliminate the foaming of the material being transferred, leaving the material unchanged after the transfer process. This is especially important for companies working with vulnerable chemicals or fluids. In addition to being cost-effective, AODD pumps also do not overheat, because there are no heat-generating electrical components involved in these pumps.

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